Wait! What? Summer’s over? Already?!!!

Oceanside.ViewI had so much fun this summer and got to spend a lot of time doing many of my favourite things: camping, playing music, playing games, hanging out with friends, old and new, swimming (in lakes and the ocean), hiking and just chilling in Nature in general. As a public school teacher, that down time is absolutely essential for my physical and mental health; no doubt about it!

And.. in truth, I’m actually really happy to be back at school (except when I have to go to bed at a reasonable hour and stop binge watching my latest favourite program ‘cuz I have to get up at 6:15). It’s pretty awesome that I’m lucky enough to truly love my job. It is definitely challenging AND…it’s really very rewarding. I do so love those kids!

On a sad note: I got some unhappy news at the end of Spring: due to circumstances beyond his control, my friend and awesome illustrator, Peter Achurch, was unable to continue being the illustrator for my book, “Please Don’t Go In the Dryer!”. He graciously bowed out, with his sincere regrets, in June. I was fortunate to have wholehearted recommendation from an artist friend, and met with Michael Pierce just before he left for holidays in August. He’s going to take his time to get just the right qualities for our main character, and I’m excited to see his drafts. I was hoping to get started on book production and have the book ready for Christmas this year but it looks like it will be some time next year instead. Sigh… oh well.

That’s just the way the dryer tumbles. 🙂

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  1. judyplea says:

    The picture is our view from a lovely little place at Oceanside, Oregon. Heaven!

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