It’s the most wonderful time…

Solstice is approaching, the days are getting shorter and darker (and in many cases, drearier, with all the rain here). These days are always mixed for me: it’s exciting getting ready for winter concerts – so much fun music to learn and create choreography for, and watching the delightful expression on the faces of ‘my’ kids as they sing and dance and play, – plus there are so many cool things to go do and see – Christmas plays, concerts and productions. On the other hand, there are lots of things that can be stressful – report cards (finally finished with those, thank goodness!), winter concert prep, thinking about what to get for whom for Christmas, trying to get enough sleep and exercise when I feel so overwhelmed at times…. and, now and then, the darkness creeps in to my psyche. Yet, there is definitely magic in the air – the lights are starting to come out, excitement is palpable, and, as well as being occasionally depressing,  the darkness itself has always held a magical quality for me. There’s part of me that has always loved the dark time, with its qualities of mystery and introspection. And… I always look forward to the return of the light.

I’m feeling like the illustrator I’m looking for for my book project is right around the corner. I’m sad that the amazing Peter Achurch was not able to complete the project but I feel certain that the right person is just about to appear. I’ve been led, through friends and family and through serendipity, to people who lead me to people…. it will happen. Of that I am certain. Keep posted!

And a very Happy Hannukah, Sweet Solstice, Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays, for whatever you celebrate, to all!

P.S. And of course, it’s time to send one of Santa’s favourite songs around the world in time for Christmas!

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