Soon, soon, very soon!


This book will actually be held in my hands! (and hopefully yours)

I’ve found the illustrator of my dreams, Anita Ho. Her work is constantly surpassing my dreams and expectations, in so many ways –  I feel VERY blessed to be working with her.  Check out her other, slightly less kid-oriented work here:

AND I have a personal assistant – Sydney Thorne! Haven’t you always wanted a personal assistant? Me too!!! And now I have one of my very own. After I broke my arm, things were taking me twice as long as usual and I was feeling overwhelmed. Instead of staying stuck there, I used my new found skills and mindset from this amazing personal growth work I’ve been doing, and decided to go for what I really wanted – a really organized, helpful, multi-talented, cheerful, funny, smart, oh-so-pleasant-to-be-around., social media savvy, musical person, to support me to be all that I can be. She is helping me with so many things: she packed my stuff for my vacation when I could only use one arm, (I’m typing this with 2 hands and all of my fingers again – Life is Good!) And now she’s helping me with social media, my taxes, our upcoming crowdfunder, (so we can get the book into people’s hands as quickly as possible), etc.

Everyone should have one, don’t you think? Before, I would have said that it was silly for me to have a personal assistant –  I couldn’t afford one/didn’t deserve one/wasn’t ‘important’ enough to have one. And now… I know none of that is true. She doesn’t come often; she has a busy life being a musician and mental health education presenter, among other things, and I’m busy teaching on call and mending my arm and working on myself and getting fit and slim and practising ukulele and…well, you get it. 🙂 And when she’s here, it’s the most wonderful thing. It feels like everything I want in my life is now possible, because of the personal growth work and because of Sydney!

Anyway…Stay tuned for the official announcement of the fundraiser. I can’t wait to hold this book in my hands and read it to my grand kid and lots of other kids too!


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