About Judy


Judy.Oct.2018.jpgJudy Lea has been writing songs since she was 9. She won her first guitar in a jiving contest at the age of 15 and has been playing ever since. She is currently working on an illustrated children’s book/audio/video called “Please Don’t Go in the Dryer” about a kitten who is just a little TOO curious. 🙂

Ms. Lea currently uses her songwriting and arranging abilities teaching music in the Burnaby Public School System. She’s always been an environmentalist, even before it was ‘cool’, and a lot of her songs have lyrics that talk about caring for the Earth. “A sense of humour is one of the best ways to get a strong message across, even about something really serious like the need to deal with Global Climate Change.”

Her first kids’ CD, “Too Much Work To Do”, was nominated ‘Best Children’s Album of the Year’ at the West Coast Music Awards way back in 1998.

You can hear some of her newer songs on CBC Music, or on Judy’s SoundCloud channel.

Judy also writes and performs songs for people who used to be kids (and maybe still are). 🙂

You can find Judy on Instagram at @judyplea, on Twitter at @jubileam8 and on Facebook.