Judy’s Music

Judy Lea has been writing songs since, like, forever. I think the first song she and her cousin wrote together was called, “Don’t Be Slow Baby”. (Very sophisticated for 9 and 10 year olds ☺.)

She won her first guitar in a jiving contest at the age of 15 and has been playing ever since. She’s been in rock bands, funk bands, pop bands and has played guitar and sung in at least 4 different duos over the years, doing everything from jazz to country.

After becoming a mother, Judy started performing at parties, celebrations and festivals for children and families, and has been teaching music and dance to kids, young and old for the last 20+ years.

Her first kids’ CD, “Too Much Work To Do”, was nominated ‘Best Children’s Album of the Year’ at the West Coast Music Awards way back in 1998.

These days, Judy mostly uses her songwriting skills and vocal, guitar and percussion talents to play for and teach music to the kids at her East Burnaby elementary school. You can hear the Stride Avenue Community School choir singing on quite a few of her newer originals on CBC Music, or on Judy’s SoundCloud channel.

Here’s her latest video, just in time to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary. Maybe you’ll be singing along when Canada has her birthday party! Watch it and ‘like it’ on YouTube: 

Summer time is finally here but.. are you afraid to show your toes in public?

Imagine if you had TWELVE!! You might just have the ‘Twelve Toe Blues’. Then again, you might be worrying about what could happen if you got taken to ‘Sea Monster Daycare’ instead of your regular daycare! Check out these and more tunes on SoundCloud or at CBC Music.

She’s also got an animated video for her hit Christmas song: